I Can Code. Why Did I Build My Site Using WordPress?

What is WordPress?

Before I get into the meat of the article, let’s first discuss the basics of WordPress for those of us who’ve been living under a rock. WordPress is an opensource content management system. It started off as a blogging framework, but quickly grew in popularity and eventually had multiple features added to it that allow it to do most things commonly needed on a website.

The reputation of WordPress

When I first started coding at 14 years old, I wrote some “Hello World” programs in C. However, I always had the desire to build more than what the console allowed. I eventually stumbled upon HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

So what’s important to me?

I was now at a crossroads, I liked getting things done, but I’m also a programmer. So is WordPress good? or is it bad?

I’m a man of my word

Please excuse the pun, I couldn’t help it. Considering the decision I just made (to prioritise results over simply code), I had to stay consistent with my values.

  • A space I owned completely and where I can control the narrative and context in which my content and image are displayed
  • A blog. I love blogging!
  • A place where I could interact with people freely under my own rules. If you read the about section, you’ll notice I stated I enjoy creating communities


In summary, I chose WordPress for this site because it’s fast, easy to use and contains all the features that I wanted on a personal website. Does this mean I will use WordPress for everything? Of course not! That would be absurd, I’m still a software developer (you might disagree but that’s ok) and it’s my job to figure out the best solution to problems that are presented to me. If those problems are challenging, novel and/or require some kind of specialised solution, it will be time to call upon my coding skills and I will be ready.



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